My full skincare routine

Hey kids!

So I talked about Michael Todd, but he’s not the only player in my team.

I made a little video about everything that I use, as I can get over chatty in writing. It’s just a little video, so don’t expect I’ll Michelle Phan your asses, I just talk about shit I like. If you ever need extra info, you know I’m here!



2 months in bed with Michael Todd (True Organics)

michaeltoddHi everyone, long time, no blab.

I’m here to talk about a skin care range I’ve been trying for the last to months and that basically changed my skin.

What is it?

I’m talking about the Michael Todd Anti Acne Skin Care line.

A quickie about Michael Todd : it’s a company that uses mostly organic ingredients (70 to 95% per product), no added water (aloe is their base thingy, wich I love), no parabens, triclosan, phtalates or sulfates (yay!), no mineral oil, no artificial color or fragrance (yay yay!) and no animal testing (my cat says yay!) as the products are tested on the chairman of the company….

What it does (at least for me)?

As you can see in the pics above, it erased my pimples (without nasty dry patches, inflammation, etc.), and made my marks fade away like no other…

The crazy thing is that it’s super straight forward : the “basic kit“, meaning, all you need to have a sensible and complete routine, consists in a cleanser, 1 mask, 1 scrub, 1 toner, 1 serum. Easy-peasy.

I bought a few things more, as I heard good reviews on a couple of products I really wanted to try, and I can tell you I’m not disappointed.

The thing I adore with this line is that’s it just keeps for face COMFORTABLE. Hydrated, supple, happy, happy skin… There’s no “attacking” of the skin, no offensive approach to acne curing. And it is SO efficient.

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Bright Summer Salad Recipe

brightsummersaladHi guys!

I’m taking a few days off from work, and went straight back to the kitchen.

I came up with this super easy bright and happy salad to celebrate the first hot days we had in Paris!

Hope you give this a try.

As is, it is raw vegan, but it’s the perfect base for anything.

If you are really into meat or if it’s your “off day” from a vegan diet (I’m vegan 85% of the time, but I still enjoy a good organic chicken or fish from  time to time), then I added a suggestion for you.

If you only eat seafood for your protein, then shrimp would be great with that salad! Just cook them quickly, add a sprinkle of salt and lime.


Awesome vegan potato salad with raw mayo

I made myself this vegan salad today, and wanted to share a beautiful alternative to mayo : I found this recipe on This Rawsomely Vegan Life, it’s not raw per say of course, but the dressing is and it is AMAZING! So shout out to this blog, check it out for more recipes, I know I have my eyes on a few of them myself.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Here’s my less pretty pic of it. I switch the cashews with raw tahini, because that’s what I had on hand at the time, and it was really amazingly good, vibrant, creamy and as satisfying if not more than classic (and nasty) mayo!

Find the recipe here.

2 months on a strict Oil Cleansing Method

ocmI’ve done it! Two full months of washing my face EXCLUSIVELY with oil. Ok, I lie I’ve washed my face thrice with a traditional foaming cleanser, when I was sleeping at my parents’ boyfriend’s house. (And I didn’t like it).

I want to give you my opinion about it. I read so many tales about this method, and all were either 100% positive : “my skin cleared up for good”, “I cleared up my acne in 2 weeks”, or plain horror stories : “my skin completely freaked out”, “I have the most sever cystic acne now”, “my face hasn’t gotten over it, and it’s been a year…”. I’m firmly in the middle.


My thoughts/My skin.

Well well. Does my skin look better? Yes and no.

My skin first looked AMAZING : I fell in love first (waiting for my iHerb package) with rosehip oil, thanks to a bottle that was lying randomly in my bathroom stash. I began with that, and my hyperpigmentation disappeared. Vanished. I kept with this routine, refraining myself from posting about it, because of the horror tales found on the internet. And that was a good instinct. 2 weeks after I started, my temples, and chin got super spotty, and these are place I never get acne, NEVER EVER. I never believed the concept of “purging” and still don’t, I still don’t know what happened there. It wasn’t major, just a clear freak out.

I then thought “time to use castor oil!”. I used it in combination with jojoba oil. I started having pimples on my left cheek; wich was clear before. At the same time, my problematic area, my right cheek, started clearing. Weird. I still got a few pimples on my temples, and forehead, again, areas of my face that never were of concern. They didn’t clear up that quickly, which made me realize that the ocm wouldn’t be a proper “acne miracle cure”, at least not for me.

But at the same time, a lot of friends complimented my “glowing skin”, and “amazing complexion”. Sure I still was, and am, wearing a full face of make up, but even I noticed how nice the application felt, and how soft my skin was.

The weird thing is, my face got spots, and I think that as pimples go, the OCM isn’t for me, but the rest of my skin, the “healthy” parts of my skin, felt healthier, plumper… happier? To top that, my very oily skin, became close to normal! Still on the combination side, but really less shiny, more manageable, etc…!


What to take from the experience?

For me, again, it’s my experience, and I don’t think it can apply to everyone, skin is more complex than that, it really made me understand that gentle was the way to go, but that I had to pair a nice, nourishing and mosturizing method, with something else, glycolic acids, chemical exfoliants etc…. Well, clearly reconsider my whole regimen, and research my skin care better, stop with “easy”, traditional acne-skin targeted products, etc… And that my friends, is already amazing.

I did all that, and NOW, I have a crazy good regimen (next beauty post), that actually cleared up my skin (this, paired with a tad healthier lifestyle). I have found some amazing products, which I can’t wait to share with you!

How can you use my experience?

Keep that in mind if you have very oily skin : oil treatments could be very beneficial for you, even as masks every other day! If you suffer from hyperpigmentation due to acne scars, try rosehip oil, I still swear by it!!

Stop harsh cleanser and anything with synthetic fragrance and artificial foamers in. You should treat acne prone skin as you would sensitive skin… Even essential oils should be used with an extremely light hand.

Using a muslin cloth is the nicest and most effective way to cleanse. If you’re scared of oils, or, like me, tried them but are not 100% down, than maybe a balm could be good. That’s what I did, and I love it. I use oil for masks only now, and I’m glad I discovered this!

Do you have tips and tricks for good skin? Do you know things about oil we don’t? Please do share!


Ultimate winter drink : Homemade hot chocolate with soy milk (for those who hate soy milk)

Fighting acne, and just wanting to be in better health, is a big change from my traditional dietary habits. I mean, BIG.

I’m not supposed to drink cow milk (acne and digestion say NO), although one of my favorite things is a good hot chocolate. And, this time of year, depriving myself from this heavenly drink is torture. Especially since some of the bloggers & vloggers I like decided to post their own recipes of this ultimate winter drink.

So I said to myself : “Dude, stop crying, pick yourself up, and make an awesome hot chocolate”. I always have a carton of soy milk lying around, that my bf or my mum try to force on me, but each and every time I tried it, it was a fail. It lacks the creaminess of cow milk, and the after taste makes me think of cardboard. And when the craving comes, I pull this nice little recipe I put together last winter and that has been since an easy to make and oh so satisfying household favorite.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My version of hot chocolate (one big cup):

Heat up on the stove a tiny amount of soy milk, just enough to have a cm of it coating the bottom of your pan.

Add a few squares of good dark chocolate, organic if you have some. I usually end up using a 70 or 80% cooking dark chocolate.

Add one tablespoon of pure chocolate powder, Van Houten or similar.

Mix well with a spoon.

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil (the secret to the creaminess of this hot chocolate! Don’t worry it’s good fat!). Stir until melted.

Add organic natural vanilla extract, or vanilla directly from the pod, if you’re fancy, and cinnamon.

Add enough soy milk to fill your cup, and keep on stirring, until your hot chocolate is… well, hot.

Pour into your favorite cheesy touristy cup. Or Christmassy cup if you own one.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Enjoy next to your tree, with cheesy decor, your favorite scented candle (mine right now is Cuir Anglais, by Le Comptoir de la Bougie), and the fantastic indulgence that is the Khiel’s Whipped Body Butter.

The cinnamon and coconut oil counter balance what I don’t like about soy milk, its taste and texture. Well, yeah I don’t like soy milk at all.

But this is a beautiful way to drink it. You can switch soy milk, with any milk of your liking, I know I like almond milk a little bit better, so I can’t wait to give it a try.

What’s your recipe? Could you advise one to a chocolate lover/vegetable milk hater?

The Ultimate Winter Food : How I make my chicken soup

As some of you know, I moved in october, and discovered the joys of laundry, rotten food you forgot about in your fridge, over flowing toilets, sticky floors and other niceties. After writing a long “mummy I love you so much thank you for everything, I love you, you have no idea, I don’t know how you made it without strangling me, or just leaving for good one morning, thank you so much, how do you do it every day, oh my god I’m so sorry I love you” email to my mama, I decided to actually enjoy the process and apply myself to domestic godessness. Fortunately, my boyfriend is an actual a domestic god himself, and that helps. One thing he doesn’t master, and that I really, really enjoy doing, is cooking.

Here is my version of the awesomest food for winter, or sick days, or any day for that matter : chicken soup. This version is more of a stock, for the sake of being frugal, we buy a whole farm chicken, I butcher it (yes, and I’m super good at it), and set aside the legs, the wings and the scallops, for other recipes. I then take what’s left, basically the bones, some of the skin and the harder to reach meat, and that’s actually enough to give a beautiful, rich flavor. For the budget conscious, I’m sure you noticed you can make two meals for two, plus a good amount of soup. The soup, if you’re not a glutton, unlike me, while last you 3 meals for two with pasta in it (yum!). You can make as much as you want based of the chicken bones, my pot is big enough for 4 to 5 liters of water I think, my mum’s bigger and hers is still super tasty, even with more water in. It really depends on the time you allow it to cook. The more it’s cooked, the better it tastes!

Here is my version, different from my mum’s, it’s the way I love making (and eating!) it. I never measure anything, but I’ll try to be as precise as possible. However, keep in mind that proportions may vary, what counts is the love you put in it!

What’s important is to adjust to taste, not to be afraid to add plenty of herbs, and to be patient with it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My awesome version of chicken soup :

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Review : Organic Wear Mascara by Physicians Formula

On my road to a greener lifestyle, I stumbled upon this organic mascara.

Dans mon effort de vie plus naturelle, je suis tombée sur ce mascara organique.


It claims to be free of “harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, clumping, smudging, flaking, fibers, dyes” (synthetic I guess, because it has natural origin color pigments in). As I said, I’m trying to go greener, but it’s a new process, kind of an epiphany really that started with the use of the Oil Cleansing Method two weeks ago. I want to write a post about it, but I really want to test it out before getting too excited. So products like these are perfect for beginners in the green area, since it’s a very easy transition. Plus it’s far less expensive than my favorite mascara, the Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara. As you can see in the pictures, it actually looks really good on, and as far as I can tell, stays on really well and long.

Il se dit “sans produits chimiques irritants, sans conservateurs artificiels, sans parabens, ne fait pas de paquets, ni l’œil de panda, ne s’ “émiette” pas, ne contient ni de fibres ni teinture synthétiques”. Comme je l’ai dit j’essaie de commencer à être plus consciente de mes choix, qu’ils soient plus naturels, plus organiques au maximum. Le processus à débuté après avoir changé ma routine de soin, en adoptant la méthode de l’huile, ce dont j’ai très envie de vous parler, mais je préfère la tester dans le temps (j’ai commencé il y a deux semaines, et pour l’instant je suis conquise!) avant de la recommander. Ce produit est donc parfait pour les débutants comme moi dans une vie plus verte, parce que le changement est super simple à faire. En plus il est vraiment moins cher que mon mascara préféré de tous les temps, le Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara. Comme vous pouvez le voir sur les photos, il est top, en tout cas pour le type de mascara qui ont ma préférence, c’est à dire assez légers et naturels. Vous pouvez le rendre plus intense en l’appliquant différemment bien sûr… Après test, il tient super bien, sans s’éclipser sous l’œil…

All in all, I really recommend it. I’m happy to find good, healthy, organic products that actually tick all the boxes of what we expect from conventional beauty products. If you know of any other, please share!!

En bref, je le recommande chaudement, et ça me rend vraiment heureuse de trouver des produits naturels, pas cher et qui font ce qu’on peut attendre de produits de beauté conventionnels. Si vous connaissez d’autres produits green qui vous semble indispensables, n’hésitez pas à me les recommander!!!

You can find this baby on iHerb, my official supplier, and as always here’s my code (there’s a discount for everyone in there) : TZK524

Vous pouvez le trouver sur iHerb, mon fournisseur officiel, et bien sûr, voici mon code si vous voulez faire des achats avec promos, parce que c’est mieux : TZK524