My Style in 5 (TAG)

Hey guys!

I decide to do a short and sweet TAG. It’s called “my style in 5”. You’ll five the questions and answers below, feel free to do it too and send me to your blog so I can check it out!

I’m going to have a Youtube version too very soon, so send me to your Youtube channel, I’m always excited to find new channels and blogs to follow.

Here it goes.

1. Who are your style icons?

  • Jayne from Stop It Right Now
  • Jen Brill


  • And of course : Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons, Leandra Medine, etc.

2. What is your best style advice or tip?

DO YOU! AKA : Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t dress for other people, don’t buy for status, don’t limit yourself to age, size, gender norms, and don’t be afraid of what people will think of you. Meanies will find any reason to criticize, so don’t bend for them in anyway.

3. What was your style like as a teen?

Black everything, tee’s, denim always, the latest pair of sneakers

4. What type of outfit do you wear the most?

Loose tee shirt, skinny black jean, sneakers and a biker jacket.

5. Who is your favorite designer / brand?

CELINE, Lanvin for men, Gucci for men and women right now, Acne Studios, Christophe Lemaire… And I would like to be buried in Valentino.


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