The Dreslyn Clearance is what’s up

Hi kids. I stumbled upon the The Dreslyn Clearance, and if some cash is still burning your pocket after a few weeks of sale, or if you’ve been saving for the end of the end of sales (you’re smart), here are some of the pieces that caught my eye. On top of the “up to 70% off”, type in the code SALE25 for an additional 25% on all articles on sale. That brings some very nice and luxe pieces to COS or &OtherStories prices, which I think is pretty awesome….  Links and beautiful images after the jump!




Building Block Tassel 5-1




Martiniano Muller


Won Hundred Bell 1 Dress


K. Jacques Lydia Sandals | Picon Sandal | Epicure Sandal

If I may add something about the K. Jacques sandals : I have one pair, the Picon in natural leather. I wear them every summer without fail. They always get comments, are extremely comfortable, everything is leather. They are made by hand in St Tropez, they are so beautifully crafted and they have seen as much of the world as I did, because I take them everywhere with me. They walked through the streets of Cuba, rested in an olive garden in Marocco, seen the Gizeh pyramids, and danced in Brazil. I’ve had them for years and years and years. I think 11 if my memory serves me well. They are still going strong. And even if they didn’t, K.Jacques has a care service that comes with. Just shoot them an email and they will take care of your shoes in their atelier for you, for free. They basically are guaranteed for life. I always find it a bit ridiculous when people justify their purchases saying “It’s an investment”, but honestly, I can’t wait to have a kid and to go pick up a K.Jacques sandal and travel the world with them. So yeah it’s an investment well worth it. The Picon with the sales code comes to 98$ and you should go for it. That’s all I had to say.

Yes I love these sandals.








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