Summer Staples Part.1

Hey kids!

I made another vid for you guys! It’s the first of a three-part series on Summer Staples, meaning the tried and true (+ extras goodies) products I ALWAYS take with me on vacation. I hope you like it and if you have a suggestion/question/comment, please share! I’m always excited to get feedback! Especially since video in such a new format for this blog…

I’ll see you next week for my everyday summer make up look, and the week after for a lookbook, and a 2 months favorites video.

On a side note, I just saw a Youtube vid complaining about the fact that Michael Todd sent a bunch of products to a bunch of Youtubers, and asked them to sign a contract binding them legally to not say shit about the products. I won’t get into it, but I’m sure you can imagine that I wasn’t offered any products. My blog and channel are tiny, and I don’t mind that fact actually. I love the process of filming, editing etc. and that’s the reason I do it, not to be a super star. Even if I had been offered the opportunity to try products from a brand, I would never lie to you guys, just because it’s not worth it. The process would be “tainted”, and the process is precious to me.

I still stand by my love for this skin care line, and will keep buying from them, because it’s good for my skin, but will not be bought, because it’s not good for my soul.

End of sidebar.

Now, the links if you’re interested in any of the products I mentioned in the video!

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF30 Face Emulsion Dry Touch

Sun Fluid Matifiant 50+, Eucerin

Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying Bb Cream SPF 50 – Light 1.35oz (40ml)

LDN : SKINS Tone 1 Gradual Tan Lotion Light

LEONOR GREYL Serum de Soie Sublimateur, 75ml

Kerastase Soleil Aqua-Seal 125ML

Byredo Palermo Shower Gel 225ml/7.6oz

Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Mirto Di Panarea Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Ounce

essie® Nail Color – #884 Carry On

The Goldfinch

Grace: A Memoir

Leuchtturm Large Hardcover Lined Cornfl0Wer

Mac Miller Best Day Ever Mixtape


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