2 months in bed with Michael Todd (True Organics)

michaeltoddHi everyone, long time, no blab.

I’m here to talk about a skin care range I’ve been trying for the last to months and that basically changed my skin.

What is it?

I’m talking about the Michael Todd Anti Acne Skin Care line.

A quickie about Michael Todd : it’s a company that uses mostly organic ingredients (70 to 95% per product), no added water (aloe is their base thingy, wich I love), no parabens, triclosan, phtalates or sulfates (yay!), no mineral oil, no artificial color or fragrance (yay yay!) and no animal testing (my cat says yay!) as the products are tested on the chairman of the company….

What it does (at least for me)?

As you can see in the pics above, it erased my pimples (without nasty dry patches, inflammation, etc.), and made my marks fade away like no other…

The crazy thing is that it’s super straight forward : the “basic kit“, meaning, all you need to have a sensible and complete routine, consists in a cleanser, 1 mask, 1 scrub, 1 toner, 1 serum. Easy-peasy.

I bought a few things more, as I heard good reviews on a couple of products I really wanted to try, and I can tell you I’m not disappointed.

The thing I adore with this line is that’s it just keeps for face COMFORTABLE. Hydrated, supple, happy, happy skin… There’s no “attacking” of the skin, no offensive approach to acne curing. And it is SO efficient.

The details

Charcoal Detox deep pore gel cleanser : Kids, if you have a vivid imagination, a sensitive stomach, or if you’re just to classy for grossness (how dare you?), don’t read this. Just know it’s the best cleanser I ever used and go to the toner part.

Ok, everybody gone? Let me tell you a story : the first time I used this, I was not expecting anything radical. There I was, washing away, loving the smell. I rinse my face. Look at myself in the mirror. See something weird on top of one of my beauty marks on my chin. My heart stops because my beauty marks are what the doctors call “active”, meaning they should be checked every six months for the big C. Ok, we’re getting dark. I step closer to my mirror and, no, no, what? is it? are you? what? Apparently, a CRAZY pimple had been living just behind my beauty mark for… ever? And this INSANO CLEANSER just with ONE USE, drew OUT all of the gung accumulated there for years! I tell you, it was gross, yes, but OMG, so impressive. It did this to me one or 2 more times, in a much smaller way, thank god, but I can tell you, if you suffer from congested skin, this is your answer. Sorry for the graphics, let’s not talk about this anymore…

Blue Green Algae Toner : Great lavender smell, no tightness, clean skin, keeps skin clear and aids the submission of existing pimples…. What else? An all round great toner. I use this in the morning.

Organic Lemon Toner : Targeted more towards tightening and lightening of the face, it’s the perfect companion to a anti acne regimen. Helps your skin look it’s best. My favorite toner, smells like lemon candy and is a good step towards anti aging on top of all the helps it gives day-to-day.

Antioxidant Carrot Serum : It’s now in my HG moisturizer for oily skin collection (I have to list them for you!). Less sebum, smaller pores, less acne scars and faded remaining ones, less break outs, better skin texture. That’s what it claims. And, err, for once in my life I will say : that’s what it does. Absolutely. It’s a great moisturizing serum that kinda does it all. One fault? The packaging, sleek, and very hygienic, is however a little unreliable. I get why they are using it, because it looks great and makes sure your product doesn’t see air or light if it’s not on your hands, but the pump is not super manageable. You don’t need a lot, but not much in there. Mine is already empty in two months. Sad face.

Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub : I can’t say much since I don’t use scrubs (Clarisonic every night oblige), but I use it on my bf back, that’s extremely dry and congested, and it improved. The particles feel small and not harsh. That’s good.

The stars of the show :

Kaolin Clay Mask (Maximum Strength) : First time I used this, I didn’t even read the instructions, a little blasée about the “oh yeah, there’s another clay mask from this other acne regime” effect of trying a bunch of clay mask and letting them rot away in my stash (too tightening, no real effect, messy). And it started burning. BURNING. I read the ingredients in a hurry… Was I allergic??? No, they warn you, it might burn a little. Yep, a clay masks that burns. The burning subsided in seconds, just enough time to read “Might burn”. I wash it of 5 minutes after (weird texture, has a grip to the skin). And… tada! Clear, comfortable, moist skin. It feels like there’s still something on your skin, in a good way. This is so superior to any clay masks you’ve tried I tell you. It’s the first mask I stuck to, and keep on using 2 times a week. I’m already almost out and panicked : a new one is on its way. A rare occurrence for me. Highly recommend. HIGHLY!

Pumpkin Mask : My fave. A great exfoliant, you just leave on, rinse, there’s your face, radiant, bright, instantly brighter and smoother. Nothing more to say, it’s GENIUS. Same thing, another one is already on its way. Can’t imagine using other masks than these two.


Check this out. Bonus : dehydrated lips from the chemical shaïte I turned to freaking over the pimplage you are witnessing. Gone. With its friends.

Well, look at the pics guys. It looks better, and yeah, it feels better. I never had such amazing results without really drying my skin out or making it a little but flat, and dull….

Michael Todd is a beautiful and trust worthy company, fair priced, smart about organic skin care. I’ve never been so passionate about a company than this one. You should run and try one thing from them, really.

I hope you wasn’t too boring, I just really wanted to talk as in-depth as possible about this line, if I skipped something, don’t be shy, pop us a line!

My face now, with a little Kiehl’s BB and a touch of powder through my T-Zone. Impossible 2 months ago. #nofliter



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