Resort resort


The über cool brand gave use a spring-y, easy wardrobe. Weirdly I was more attracted to the very casual looks, I don’t know why. Maybe because perfect top+perfect denim is just an ideal combination I’m currently craving for? Probably. Well at least now, I know where to go.


Not super exciting or new, but pleasant. Remember when we waited until H&M did a copycat version of the shows to buy the good pieces? Well now the shows copy each other, after being copied by H&M, and now Zara is being copied by “wholesale” chinese website. It’s hard to make things look fresh, but this just feels lazy. However, I like the styling, very relatable, so I’ll put it here just to get us inspired. Anyway, we probably all already have these exact pieces in our wardrobe right?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I loved the whole story at Marc by Marc, it made me think of Le Petit Prince, I got it completely. As individual pieces go, I wasn’t head over heels, but I can’t wait to see this one hit the stores.


Wow. That is a great collection. Super chic, exquisite color palette, the volumes to die for. I mean the whole thing was just unbelievably good. I have to admit I didn’t know the brand before seeing it on, and I glad I know of it know.

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