2 months on a strict Oil Cleansing Method

ocmI’ve done it! Two full months of washing my face EXCLUSIVELY with oil. Ok, I lie I’ve washed my face thrice with a traditional foaming cleanser, when I was sleeping at my parents’ boyfriend’s house. (And I didn’t like it).

I want to give you my opinion about it. I read so many tales about this method, and all were either 100% positive : “my skin cleared up for good”, “I cleared up my acne in 2 weeks”, or plain horror stories : “my skin completely freaked out”, “I have the most sever cystic acne now”, “my face hasn’t gotten over it, and it’s been a year…”. I’m firmly in the middle.


My thoughts/My skin.

Well well. Does my skin look better? Yes and no.

My skin first looked AMAZING : I fell in love first (waiting for my iHerb package) with rosehip oil, thanks to a bottle that was lying randomly in my bathroom stash. I began with that, and my hyperpigmentation disappeared. Vanished. I kept with this routine, refraining myself from posting about it, because of the horror tales found on the internet. And that was a good instinct. 2 weeks after I started, my temples, and chin got super spotty, and these are place I never get acne, NEVER EVER. I never believed the concept of “purging” and still don’t, I still don’t know what happened there. It wasn’t major, just a clear freak out.

I then thought “time to use castor oil!”. I used it in combination with jojoba oil. I started having pimples on my left cheek; wich was clear before. At the same time, my problematic area, my right cheek, started clearing. Weird. I still got a few pimples on my temples, and forehead, again, areas of my face that never were of concern. They didn’t clear up that quickly, which made me realize that the ocm wouldn’t be a proper “acne miracle cure”, at least not for me.

But at the same time, a lot of friends complimented my “glowing skin”, and “amazing complexion”. Sure I still was, and am, wearing a full face of make up, but even I noticed how nice the application felt, and how soft my skin was.

The weird thing is, my face got spots, and I think that as pimples go, the OCM isn’t for me, but the rest of my skin, the “healthy” parts of my skin, felt healthier, plumper… happier? To top that, my very oily skin, became close to normal! Still on the combination side, but really less shiny, more manageable, etc…!


What to take from the experience?

For me, again, it’s my experience, and I don’t think it can apply to everyone, skin is more complex than that, it really made me understand that gentle was the way to go, but that I had to pair a nice, nourishing and mosturizing method, with something else, glycolic acids, chemical exfoliants etc…. Well, clearly reconsider my whole regimen, and research my skin care better, stop with “easy”, traditional acne-skin targeted products, etc… And that my friends, is already amazing.

I did all that, and NOW, I have a crazy good regimen (next beauty post), that actually cleared up my skin (this, paired with a tad healthier lifestyle). I have found some amazing products, which I can’t wait to share with you!

How can you use my experience?

Keep that in mind if you have very oily skin : oil treatments could be very beneficial for you, even as masks every other day! If you suffer from hyperpigmentation due to acne scars, try rosehip oil, I still swear by it!!

Stop harsh cleanser and anything with synthetic fragrance and artificial foamers in. You should treat acne prone skin as you would sensitive skin… Even essential oils should be used with an extremely light hand.

Using a muslin cloth is the nicest and most effective way to cleanse. If you’re scared of oils, or, like me, tried them but are not 100% down, than maybe a balm could be good. That’s what I did, and I love it. I use oil for masks only now, and I’m glad I discovered this!

Do you have tips and tricks for good skin? Do you know things about oil we don’t? Please do share!



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