I went a little bit crazy. A pre-haul/

I could talk about being influenced and the power of YouTube on us, and consumerism and that buying cheap shit probably means that you have a slave somewhere in the world, working for you like in the good ol’days (for too little money to have a decent life), but I decided to be stupid instead and to buy some stuff from a wholesale chinese website.

Have you heard of sheinside.com? I didn’t until I got stuck on a YouTube frenzy, since Christmas time is officially unemployment time for us free lancers. Plus I watched Doctor Who, wich is a very bad sign usually, since I don’t understand a thing when I watch it.

I’m super afraid of the quality of the garments, but since Zara got so expensive for what it is (I just bought two coats there and I’m fuming over the quality…), I took a chance. I’ll post the pictures as soon as I receive the actual pieces, but if you know what I should expect when expecting from a website like this, please tell me…1376985150508953342 1377500987900321443 1385348292191524326 1386227513284477859

I know, it’s bad to buy knock offs, but really, Lanvin and Kenzo aren’t losing any clients to SheInside, let’s be honest…


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