Holy Grail Routine for Acne Prone Skin (Part 1)

I never was a skin obsessed gal. That was until a trip to Barcelona when I was 18 (with baby skin) during which I had a crazy strong reaction to the sun. My face went mad. I got super red and pimples the size of a baby fist appeared. I wasn’t that worried, and just let the situation be. My face calmed down when I went back to Paris, but there it was : acne had found a nice home on my cheeks. It was under control, then, every excuse was good enough for a pimple to appear : stress, that time of the month, a new moisturizer, looking at a glass of milk… I started losing control over the situation. When I was 20, after 20 years of a very Parisian no make up regime, I had to start wearing full coverage foundation.

Trips to dermatologists, antibiotics, drying creams, zit creams, masks, exfoliation, I did it all religiously, nothing helped. My skin still had acne and just got crazy oily, AND dehydrated.

A few months ago, I started a new routine, sans dermatologist. And I don’t know what happened, but guys, it’s gone. GONE. I still have scarring, my skin still has the occasional blemish, but it goes away super fast, leaving no trace of being there in the first place.

It’s been one month and a half basically, and my skin has cleared so drastically that I feel it’s only fair I’d share.

There it goes. The shelf :

2013-09-29 22.06.48

Cleanser : Gel Cleanance, Avène

It’s the one I use, and the one that doesn’t dry out my skin. You can use a stronger one to kick-start the process, I did, but it can cause unnecessary flakiness.


Hydrate : The part a lot of people with acne prone skin like to skip, since there’s a good chance it’ll break you out. But with this routine, and at my age (27 the 10th of october, oh yeah!) you definitely want to hydrate and nourish your skin. I use one pump of an organic Aloe Vera gel. It sets super quickly leaving your skin matte.  My “secret” (… sorry) is to add 2 drops of organic Lavandula angustifolia (fancy way of saying lavender). It smells heavenly, fights acne and heals any scars. The mix of the two makes your skin feel like satin.

Go to make up. I’ll go over that in part 3.

At night, I was my face two times with the Cleanance.

And now …….. the product that changed my life : the Daytime Light Cream Moisturizer with Glycolic Acid by Reviva Labs.

It has 5% glycolic acid, witch hazel and only good stuff. At first I didn’t like it when I tried to use it for daytime. It’s too thick, makes me shine, feels heavy on my skin. But then, just because I didn’t have any thing else around, I used it once, at night. The morning after, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror : fresh, clear, clean skin. My imperfections blurred, scarring faded, it was insane.

From this day, 5 times a week I use this at night. And that changed everything. I apply two layers and really load my skin with it. Apply a really generous amount, go ahead, the acne just runs away. I sleep (please try 8 hour nights, you’ll see the difference) with that thick coat, and in the morning : Voilà! Try it first one night see how it feels, leave your skin with Ecco Bella the night after (see below), then Reviva Labs, etc… See how you feel, it’ a 100% natural product, still it’s very effective and can be drying.

It’s too strong for every night use though, so use every three nights the Ecco Bella leave on exfoliant and blemish remedy. It’s lighter, less aggressive, but maintains your skin in good shape and fights acne too.

Extra tips : sleep a lot, and drink loads of water.

Part 2 will be the extras (exfoliant and SPF) and part 3 the make up that made a friend of mine say : “You’re skin looks like heaven” 2 weeks ago. Never happened in my life before.

PS : I know, I know, codes suck, BUT, I truly love the products I talked about and if you think you might like them too, then you can use my code to get a 5 or 10 dollars cut on you order. Yep I get something out o f i too, I believe it’s the same cut. Anyway, use it if you want to.



See ya later kids.


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