L.A in Paris / Part1

The webcam selfie is a thing.

As you can see I’m a bit obsessed, I miss the L.A lifestyle so much! The weather first of all, wearing ONE pair of cut outs EVERYDAY for 2 WEEKS (yikes), vintage and linen tees, sandals or Vans, grungy hair… and the boiz (swoon).

Coffee to go, Mao (a Cantonese family restaurant 2 secs from the beach), In&Out (yes in France we only get McDonald’s, so fast food is a big must do for me), must I say it : kale, waiters that are actually nice… and the boiz (flush).

I miss the easy living so much, it kind of kicked away my minimalist laid back usual style to just embrace the laid back alone. Here is some inspiration to make it Paris friendly.

Image 3
Antik Batik
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Thank god ugly comfy shoes are back
Hippy jewellery & blindly trusting psychics.
Phoebe looks better than me in the same clothes. Urgh…
Dream desk.

wpid-Photo-24012013-1027-AM 77682d5818d411e3a47922000ae90d5b_7 tumblr_mr64i9Fs631rxckzmo1_r1_1280

Part 2 coming soon with a haul. You heard it.


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