Inez and Vinoodh New York Loft

inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-2 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-3 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-4 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-6 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-6a inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-7 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loft-9 inez-and-vinoodh-new-york-loftQuite a cool space, the loft of Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, superstar photographers. I’m actually amazed by how eclectic it is. Find more here.

Un loft assez cool, celui d’Inez Van Lamsweerde et Vinoodh Matadin, duo de photographes superstar. Je suis impressionnée par l’éclectisme du lieu. Vous pouvez en voire un peu plus ici.


2 thoughts on “Inez and Vinoodh New York Loft

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Maybe using a wood is a little unexpected for traditional New York Loft,but that is something I would love to incorporate in our house as well! The kitchen looks amazing!

    1. Glad you like it too! I was suprised by the wood too, especially this very yellow toned one, but the accessories and general architecture of the loft make it feel super effortless and cozy I find.
      Hope to see you again here!

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