Fake it till you bake it.

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Hi kids!

I thought I’d show you lil better the results of the LDN : Skins I talked about it my first Summer Staples vid.

I’m a really pale girl, both my parents are Polish and it shows! My dad however has olive undertone and I can get a tan super quickly, I just prefer to protect my skin as much as possible from any sun and DNA damage (yes, that’s what a tan is… Scary…).

I usually don’t bother fake tanning, I’m bad at it and the orange tinge + the smell really don’t do it for me. However I’ve been indulging in really vain activities lately, I just felt like pampering a little more and not looking so rough and “I don’t care” like.

I grabbed this self tanning lotion because Olivia Newman Young talked about it in one of her vids, and I trust this woman with my tan. This self proclaimed pale mama (she doesn’t say mama though, I do) looks pretty good, see proof below.

In the pic above, I’ve used the lotion 3 days in a row and that’s what you get. It smells really good, develops nicely, and is full proof for fake tan noobs like myself. It fades quite quickly but without any sort of weird dry patches. It stays natural looking from the moment you put it on until it completely disappears a few days later. I can’t really say exactly how many days, just because, as there are no patches I can’t really see anything disappear (no “my white skin vs my orange blotch” to see here!).

All in all, I strongly recommend it if you like a natural tan, and like the idea of fake tan, but just hate everything about it! This is the full proof, “chic” fake tan.

You can buy it here :

LDN : SKINS Tone 1 Gradual Tan Lotion Light

See my Summer Staples vid here.

Summer Staples Part.1

Hey kids!

I made another vid for you guys! It’s the first of a three-part series on Summer Staples, meaning the tried and true (+ extras goodies) products I ALWAYS take with me on vacation. I hope you like it and if you have a suggestion/question/comment, please share! I’m always excited to get feedback! Especially since video in such a new format for this blog…

I’ll see you next week for my everyday summer make up look, and the week after for a lookbook, and a 2 months favorites video.

On a side note, I just saw a Youtube vid complaining about the fact that Michael Todd sent a bunch of products to a bunch of Youtubers, and asked them to sign a contract binding them legally to not say shit about the products. I won’t get into it, but I’m sure you can imagine that I wasn’t offered any products. My blog and channel are tiny, and I don’t mind that fact actually. I love the process of filming, editing etc. and that’s the reason I do it, not to be a super star. Even if I had been offered the opportunity to try products from a brand, I would never lie to you guys, just because it’s not worth it. The process would be “tainted”, and the process is precious to me.

I still stand by my love for this skin care line, and will keep buying from them, because it’s good for my skin, but will not be bought, because it’s not good for my soul.

End of sidebar.

Now, the links if you’re interested in any of the products I mentioned in the video!

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF30 Face Emulsion Dry Touch

Sun Fluid Matifiant 50+, Eucerin

Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying Bb Cream SPF 50 – Light 1.35oz (40ml)

LDN : SKINS Tone 1 Gradual Tan Lotion Light

LEONOR GREYL Serum de Soie Sublimateur, 75ml

Kerastase Soleil Aqua-Seal 125ML

Byredo Palermo Shower Gel 225ml/7.6oz

Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Mirto Di Panarea Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Ounce

essie® Nail Color – #884 Carry On

The Goldfinch

Grace: A Memoir

Leuchtturm Large Hardcover Lined Cornfl0Wer

Mac Miller Best Day Ever Mixtape

My full skincare routine

Hey kids!

So I talked about Michael Todd, but he’s not the only player in my team.

I made a little video about everything that I use, as I can get over chatty in writing. It’s just a little video, so don’t expect I’ll Michelle Phan your asses, I just talk about shit I like. If you ever need extra info, you know I’m here!


2 months in bed with Michael Todd (True Organics)

michaeltoddHi everyone, long time, no blab.

I’m here to talk about a skin care range I’ve been trying for the last to months and that basically changed my skin.

What is it?

I’m talking about the Michael Todd Anti Acne Skin Care line.

A quickie about Michael Todd : it’s a company that uses mostly organic ingredients (70 to 95% per product), no added water (aloe is their base thingy, wich I love), no parabens, triclosan, phtalates or sulfates (yay!), no mineral oil, no artificial color or fragrance (yay yay!) and no animal testing (my cat says yay!) as the products are tested on the chairman of the company….

What it does (at least for me)?

As you can see in the pics above, it erased my pimples (without nasty dry patches, inflammation, etc.), and made my marks fade away like no other…

The crazy thing is that it’s super straight forward : the “basic kit“, meaning, all you need to have a sensible and complete routine, consists in a cleanser, 1 mask, 1 scrub, 1 toner, 1 serum. Easy-peasy.

I bought a few things more, as I heard good reviews on a couple of products I really wanted to try, and I can tell you I’m not disappointed.

The thing I adore with this line is that’s it just keeps for face COMFORTABLE. Hydrated, supple, happy, happy skin… There’s no “attacking” of the skin, no offensive approach to acne curing. And it is SO efficient.

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May favorites


Yey! First one!!

I discovered a few good products this month, let’s share :

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Resort resort


The über cool brand gave use a spring-y, easy wardrobe. Weirdly I was more attracted to the very casual looks, I don’t know why. Maybe because perfect top+perfect denim is just an ideal combination I’m currently craving for? Probably. Well at least now, I know where to go.


Not super exciting or new, but pleasant. Remember when we waited until H&M did a copycat version of the shows to buy the good pieces? Well now the shows copy each other, after being copied by H&M, and now Zara is being copied by “wholesale” chinese website. It’s hard to make things look fresh, but this just feels lazy. However, I like the styling, very relatable, so I’ll put it here just to get us inspired. Anyway, we probably all already have these exact pieces in our wardrobe right?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I loved the whole story at Marc by Marc, it made me think of Le Petit Prince, I got it completely. As individual pieces go, I wasn’t head over heels, but I can’t wait to see this one hit the stores.


Wow. That is a great collection. Super chic, exquisite color palette, the volumes to die for. I mean the whole thing was just unbelievably good. I have to admit I didn’t know the brand before seeing it on style.com, and I glad I know of it know.

Thanks to style.com

Being blonde, having a big nose, looking surprised and failing at Youtube

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PS : I’m blonde now.

Hi kids.

What’s up?

I was thinking about blogging, vlogging and web sharing in general.

I was contemplating starting a Youtube channel, as I would like to talk about all the girly things that I love and making sure that you guys, viewers, readers… could get a sense of who I am. Because, before all, blogging is, for me, about community. Reading words written by someone about whom I could say :  “Yeah, we could hang out.”. Of course, it’s about quality content too, but you have to connect to a certain level right?

English is not my first language, but the fashion&beauty community I love and feel the most attracted/connected to, is the english speaking one. But, since it’s not my first language, I don’t feel as comfortable being “myself” with it as in french. Plus, the blogging format is so constricted in many ways. I feel I’m torn between the “traditional” way of saying things, without my cussing, my inappropriate jokes that are not the smartest, making sure that nobody will feel discouraged reading me, not making spelling mistakes (which is impossible for me if writing as much as I would like to), and my way. Messy. A tad stupid and generally over sharing…

I felt that with a video format, in which I was always very interested in, I could let the speech flow and be more natural. I don’t see blogging as a mean to an end, but it’s difficult to keep a cold head when you see all the sponsoring and career making possibilities going on out there. To be honest, I’m not really  interested, but it’s just distracting me from being just a modest blogger, not giving a shit and posting things I love. Which I do, I just feel I should look over my shoulder while doing it…. Weird.

Soooo… I made a video. That’s a lie, I made 6, just because … it’s hard work! Gosh, the light changing, the camera stopping, rambling… I have even more respect for these gals…

It was taking so much space, it was such a time investment, it made me think… I really want to do this, that’s for sure, but if you can’t stick to a blog schedule, how bad will it be with video uploads??? But still, I want to jump the gun, for two reasons : connecting for realsies with a community that I’m having trouble finding with this very little and quietish blog, AND because … it freaks me out… And that‘s exciting.

It IS super scary to put yourself out there right? I will probably upload some kind of selfie with this post, and that only scares me. I don’t know what it is, I think it has to do with the bad rep style and lifestyle bloggers get. It’s not a noble art, right? I had my first “blog” (more a free website, super crappy that I adored, I made the drawings myself and wrote about Balenciaga) when I was 13, and felt absolutely no pressure. Stats weren’t even a thing at the time, and web presence didn’t feel so threatening. Now, I’m scared that the “serious” people I know will disapprove.

And, seeing my face. Oh my God. You pick up on EVERYTHING that is “wrong” with your face. My face, just so ya know, is pretty weird and completely asymmetrical. In real life it shows, but it’s ok. On camera…. It looks like I had an accident. Honestly. My voice sucks, my hair looks weird, my nose is the size of Missouri, etc. It’s just such a hard thing to watch. But I think that it shouldn’t stop me. Au contraire, it should push me to do it. Everyone on blogs and vlogs are now so fucking perfect it’s unbearable. I guess, as a public, we’re responsible to a certain extend. If only classically beautiful gals turn into mega famous “gurus”, we probably have a role in that situation.

Anyway, just some random thoughts that came to mind… Do you have a Youtube channel? Have you ever considered having one, but something stopped you? Let’s talk.